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stochasmos logoSTOCHASMOS is a web-based learning platform for supporting students' scientific reasoning through scientifically authentic investigations with an embedded authoring tool. Teachers and other instructional designers can use this system to design their own web-based investigations with reflective supports. The STOCHASMOS platform is available in English, Greek, Arabic, Dutch, German, Hebrew, and Swedish. The platform was the main product of the STOCHASMOS project which investigated the role of new technologies in supporting middle-school students’ reflective inquiry practices in science and, in specific, the role of technology-based supports in scaffolding students’ reasoning with scientific data. The research part of the project examined the interactions of the students with the web-based environment following a mixed-methods approach. We investigated the extent to which the reflective scaffolding supports the construction of students' scientific explanations using quantitative as well as qualitative methods. 

synergasiaThe research and development program "Collaborative Inquiry Learning Environments" (project SYNERGASIA) was the second developmental phase of the platform. This project is funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation. A space for peer review between group of students located in the same or different classes, a chat tool and a forum were created in order to support synchronous and asynchronous communication between groups of students who are in the same classroom or classrooms in different locations. The "Meles-meles" learning environment was developed for the purposes of this research program.



CoReflect: FP7 project

  • A new project, titled  Digital support for Inquiry, Collaboration, and Reflection on Socio-Scientific Debates has been funded by the European Commission. The project has the acronym CoReflect and is being coordinated by the Cyprus University of Technology, with partners from Cyprus, Israel, Nederlands, Sweden, Germany, Greece and United Kingdom. During this 3-year project a coordinated effort is conducted to do research across and within the different states represented about inquiry-based science, reflection, and motivation. As part of the effort, the STOCHASMOS platform was translated into Arabic, Dutch, German, Hebrew, and Swedish, in addition to the two existing languages (English, Greek), while the CoReflect team iteratively creates, shares and empirically tests several learning environments. A new website for the project is functional at


Νext and recent conference presentations

Costas Constantinou from UCY gave a talk on the topic: "Enhancing the authenticity of student experience with web based scaffolds for scientific inquiry: examples from the validation of learning environments on the STOCHASMOS platform" at the Innovative Education Forum 2010, a conference organized by Microsoft Cyprus, on June 24th 2010 in Nicosia, Cyprus.

You can talk us during the ICLS 2010 conference (International Conference of the Learning Sciences) were we will have a poster presentation.

Here you can read about the presentations given during scientific conferences.
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